Hugelkultur principals and practices

Hugelkultur is a technique that has many benefits in the permaculture environment. The technique creates water sink, provides shelter for growing plants, creates a soil erosion barrier and also creates new soil over time as trees breakdown…

Today’s article in focus discusses the principals and practices of Hugulkultur in the Permaculture environment..

Used for centuries in Eastern Europe and Germany, hugelkultur (in German hugelkultur translates roughly as “mound culture”) is a gardening and farming technique whereby woody debris (fallen branches and/or logs) are used as a resource.

Often employed in permaculture systems, hugelkultur allows gardeners and farmers to mimic the nutrient cycling found in a natural woodland to realize several benefits. Woody debris (and other detritus) that falls to the forest floor can readily become sponge like, soaking up rainfall and releasing it slowly into the surrounding soil, thus making this moisture available to nearby plants…

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