Transitioning to a Permaculture Lifestyle

It has been a mystery in permaculture on how to transition (still pay the bills so to speak) from our current situation/lifestyle into an abundant and free permaculture lifestyle. In this post I have laid out a step by step guide on how to transition towards a free and abundant lifestyle. It is not the way as there is hardly ever only one way to do something. However, know that for the first time, that I am aware of, a step by step guideline has been introduced that will make your dream a reality.

Here is the outline to the steps:

1. Continue doing exactly what you are doing. You will need money to make the transition, so unless completely possible, it is not good to simply drop what you are doing try to carve out a food forest in the bush.

2. You must get educated!
Would it be wise to go scuba diving without knowing how to breathe through a regulator? If you want to learn how to live with naturally designed systems then you must learn how they work. It is imperative to embrace and take a Permaculture Design Course (PDC). This will teach you not only the natural systems but also new ways of thinking that will empower you to live how you want.

3. Become a Weekend Warrior.
Once you are a permaculture designer (which you will be after your PDC graduation) you are then able to start consulting and designing for people. Do 5-10 of these right away for free. Go to your friends, co-workers, family, and even put ads on websites like Craigslist, Facebook, and to let people know of your new credentials and that you are willing to consult and design their land/backyard/front yard/house/homestead/farm/lifestyle for free and help to get it implemented. (Depending on size of the project you may or may not be able to actually implement the work, but I would recommend that you do try to get the 5-10 consultations implemented — so maybe stick to jobs that are less than 1 acre for these early consultations. This is good anyhow as many consultations are needed in the urban/suburban areas.)

4. Permablitz… 

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